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TA to the National Export Promotion Policy of organic products (EURO-ECO-TRADE)


Peru, European Commission. 2014-2016.


The EU has defined a multi-sector budget support in agreement with the Government of Peru, to strengthen Peru National policy to promote the export of organic products (EURO-ECO-TRADE). The TA's primary objective is to strengthen the coordination between the institutions involved in export promotion of a range of selected organic products introducing sustainable and environmental criteria at central and decentralised levels in the selected regions.


TA specific objectives are:

  • To support the strengthening of planning and technical capacities of the public institutions involved in foreign trade, product quality certification and environmental protection measures.
  • To increase the  marketing capacities  of  exporters  of  organic  products,  assisting  in  the  creation  and consolidation of SMEs in rural areas, and in the organic certification of their products.
  • To strengthen the capacities of all links in the value chains: Andean grains (Quinoa & Kiwicha), and fruits grown through organic farming practices (Banana, Mango and Brazilian Nut).
  • To expand the range of organic products and degree of processing for export. Market research and access strategies for the selected value chains.
  • To design multi-stakeholder participatory processes the sustainable use of natural resources (land resource planning) and the conservation of the ecosystem and biological diversity, via the development and use of technical and normative studies and national regulatory instruments.
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