QualityInstitute Sectors

We work in a wide range of fields related to Economic Governance and Development and Environmental Governance, providing studies and situation analysis, study tours, technical advisory and training services to public and private institutions.

Economic Governance

Within the globalisation process in which we are immersed, with high commercial flows regulated by bilateral or regional trade agreements, governments should place an emphasis on strengthening their National Quality System (NQS), undertaking economic reforms as well as setting consistent and strategic business policies regulating the procedures for export and import in order to create conditions for social development.



Sustainable development

In emerging economies and developing countries, access and valorisation of natural resources represent a key factor contributing to structural change, but they are often still taken for granted. Yet without sustainable management strategies, these natural resources can no longer regenerate and sustain the economic growth levels required for lasting poverty reduction. There is strong evidence that many natural systems are being affected by a changing climate. A key challenge for decision makers, policy makers and development partners is to define growth strategies that mitigate the main factors causing climate change.


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